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What about Ribbon is?

Written by Molina

What about Ribbon is?

The Thermal Transfer Ribbon is a product specially designed for thermal transfer printers that adheres the information we want to print on the surface of a label through the heat of the printer head.



The print-head can have a flat or near edge technology.

With the ribbon (TTR-Thermal Transfer Ribbon) you will be able to print on labels of any type of not thermal substrate: vellum paper, Couche, polypropylene …

Ribbon is usually used to print barcodes and labels.


You will be able to found the ribbon rolls with widths and lengths depending on the final application.


You can find 3 different qualities WAX, WAX/RESIN and RESIN.


Each quality has special characteristics (durability, speed capacity, blackness, versatility …) which will be applied depending on the application needs.

Wax ribbon WAX ribbon is usually the most economical and recommended for prints that do not require much durability, or resistance to high temperatures, rubbing, smudging or scratching. This type of ribbon can be used for items whose reading does not need to last over time: Shipping information, reference of articles, contents…

WAX ribbon quality could become unreadable when it is exposed to heat, water, dust or any other type of extreme circumstance.

Our CE0001 WAX ribbon can be used on vellum paper or coated paper / high gloss and is designed for flat head printers.

WAX/Resin ribbon has a longer durability than wax ribbons. It has a high resistance and it is recommended for printing who need high durability, such as pharmaceutical prospects, warehouse/shipping labels or traceability labels.

Both of our MI0001 and MI0002 WAX/RESIN ribbon can be used in vellum paper, coated paper/high gloss or polypropylene.

The MI0001 wax/resin ribbon should be used for Near Edge head printers, while the MI0002 wax/resin ribbon should be used in Flat head printers.

Finally, the RESIN ribbon is usually used for special applications and has extreme resistance and durability. Designed for an indelible printing, resistant to high and low temperatures, water, dust, continuous rubbing, as well as contact with chemicals. It is usually used for electronic component labels, frozen products, clothing labels, security labels

Our RE0001 RESIN ribbon ribbon can be used in synthetic plastics and polypropylene, and is suitable for printers with Flat and Near-Edge print head technology.

Ribbon Selector

You can use our ribbon selector to buy the ribbon that best suits your printer and needs. See our article dedicated to the selector.

It is very important to use the appropriate ribbon to your needs and choose the right width for the size of your labels, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. We will answer you as quickly as possible.p>

In addition to the type of ribbon quality it is important to know the brand and model of the printer in which it is going to be used to be sure you are not having any problem to use it.

The “thermal transfer” printers have to be distinguished from the “direct thermal” printers.

“Thermal transfer” printers use the ribbon to print on the material, heat is transmitted on the ribbon and it is adhered to the material.

In “direct thermal” printers it is the material to be printed which is treated to react to the heat of the print-head without the need to transfer any type of ink to the material.

If you do not find your printer in our ribbon selector, write us and we will tell you which printer is fully compatible with yours or we will include it in our list of printers.

  • General purpose
  • Print quality and lower cost
  • Short durability labels
  • High versatility
  • Print quality and high speed
  • Durability
  • Special applications
  • High strength and excellent print quality
  • High durability

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